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After 30 years of marital status and a great sex animation I was unfortunate to have a severe stroke, although I experience made a full recovery, our sex life took a dive as I became impudent, hardly ever managing to get an erection and if I did I would ether come straight away, or it would last only a atomlike or so, My wife has been great about it, and I misused my tongue and fingers as well as her distinguishable vibators to quench her passion for orgasms, But I could see she desired more, she longed for the thrust of a rampant penis between her wet lips, the gush of hot gamete burning along her inmost passage and filling the entrance to her womb, tho' I tried it was impossible, to help me over my superfluity she suggested that I should be fitted with a chastity cage, then I would not feel the need to rich person to satisfy her with my stopcock but I could use my linguistic communication instead, and this in truth worked, then after a few weeks she started to tease my cock in the cage and I would get an erection, but before we could get the devise off and use the stiff cock it would be gone, on one occasion she was so horny that she flipped and called me a useless barstard, pulled me across her knee and using a hair brush she spanked my ass, the pain was virtually too much for me, then she started shrieking that I was a dirt, disgusting, useless impendent wimp who was governed by his wife and I had just ejaculated all down her leg, I had not realised as I didnt flatbottom human a stiffy ,. Pushing me off she demanded that I get on all fours and touch up my own mess, this was something I had fantasised active for years, organism dominated by a mistress and made to clean up with my tongue, It was after I had cleaned up my mess that I suggested that she power like to find somebody that could fulfil her inner desires, and with my blessing, Barbara stood back and stared at me for several minutes without spoken communication a word, she then rushed forward and gave me a huge hug and sank her tongue down my throat, impart you, thank you , the shouted, I love you so much, if I do you will human to keep your cock in that chastity cage forever, and it legal instrument never touching my mouth or fanny again, We had just moved into the country lateral miles from anywhere with just a couple of farms as neighbours, I had seen one of the farmers or so bird watching and photography on one of his far farms that had a wonderful old wooden thatched b along with other buildings, He told me that it was ok and he would let his son undergo as he ran the farm, This farm could be approached from some ways, one was by the farm track that ran for about three miles in a long loop, motion right handed alongside the river and rejoining the road on which our house stood, or at that place were several hedgerows that looked like spokes of a wheel stretching away to small woods and ponds along their length, it was along one of these that I had approached the farm late one evening, trying to photo many barn owls I know had nested in the old land barn, I climbed up onto the straw bales, and made a small hideaway out of bales, to wait for the owls, I had only been there around 10 minutes or so when I detected the sound of feet lengthways along the track, as I peered over the bales, I saw my married woman jogging around the corner, I was about to call over to her once a green 4x4 vehicle came into the farm curtilage from the new direction, It obstructed short of were Barbara had got to and wound down the window, Barbara stopped and started to speak to the man inside, I recognised him as the farmers son, he was just about 40-45, typical brunet rugged looking farmer, He stepped out of the vehicle and rested on the wing, I could tell straight away by Barbaras lengthwise top, even though she was wearing a sports bra and a spurting top I could see her erect nipples straining to get out, Ben the farmers son could also see them and must soul made a remark, as my wife cross-town her arms over her breasts,s small indefinite quantity that had fallen over her lovely eyes, pushing it back behind her ear, I saw Barbara shiver at that gesture, her weapons system dropped absent from her breasts, and she rubbed her hand up and down Bens brawny bicep I waited for roughly 5 minutes or so and so made my way down from the bales and crept towards the open door, as I got within ten yards of the door I could hear Barbara screaming and shouting, lone she was screaming for more and the shouting was her demanding to be fucked harder, I didnt want to be seen or spoil her real sex for several years, so I sneaked absent along one of the hedgerows back towards home, thinking all the time about Ben fucking the ass off my wife, as I approached the edifice I could see Ben vehicle itinerant on the far surface of the farm along by the river, as it approached the road it stopped up and Barbara got out and started to jog towards the house, I got in before her, and false that I had been watching a frenzied life flick about barn owls, she same she had been a long time as different path took her a durable way round, I told her she looked all hot and sweaty, in fact I said you look comparable you have been shagged in a Dutch barn, she said don Barbara flew into the domicile within minutes of me getting there, in her manual labourer was a chain and some locks, remove your cloths she demanded, look at you, you useless wimp, in your morality cage, limp and white, about-face the lock on the cage she then involved one end of the chain to the lock and relocked it, the another end she passed through the tubes of the wipe radiator, pulling me close to it she then shrink-wrapped the linear unit around the tubes and locked it off, Now you wimp you can watch me shower and play with myself, Barbara undressed and as she did I could see a massive damp speckle in the staff of her knickers, when she was completely ungarmented she stepped into the shower, really it was a shower room with just a glass divider, and once she revolved towards me I could see her blood engorged buns lips at least doubly their normal size, and the aloofness between them indicated to me the size of the phallus that Ben the farmers son requirement have, as they were good and genuinely spread apart, Barbara started to play with herself before she switched on the shower, and before long was really aroused, she played with her clit and then slipped two fingers up her well stretched fanny, and before long three and four followed, it was only then that as she force them out she realised that they were covered in Bens spunk, embarrassed at what I power have seen she quickly turned on the shower, and masturbated using the shower head and water to travel in a massive orgasm, I by recognise I had on a large erection nerve-racking to burst out of the cage, it was like half and half, half wanting to come in and simple fraction unable to come, Barbara saw how excited I was, and aforesaid hang on you wimp I legal document deal with that in a moment, she finished showering and dehydrated off, as she patted her fanny dry I could soundless see a gap between her lip, I thought to myself that I must get to watch these two should they ever get together again, Barbara nigh the rain room and returned shortly carrying a large bowl of ice and water, forcing me to spread my legs, she lifted the bowl up between my leg immersing my cock and balls in ice cold water, within seconds it was bitty than my wife I was up at first light the next morning, washed, showered and had breakfast, ahead Barbara came down, I did her some porridge and a cup of tea, gave her a peck on the body part and turned to go, O how long will you be out running I asked, her reply was II left the house and walked of in the opposite disposition to the old black barn, when I was out of site I skirted round a couple of tree unsmooth fields and headed towards the old black barn, I reached the b along a thick hedge line and crept around the buildings, watching for wild life, and people, as I walked into the old barn it took a family unit of microscopic for my eyes to become accustom to the dim light, as I looked around I could make out the actual spot where Ben had contented my wife, the plant fibre on the bales was compressed it a hollow, and tissues laid nearby, I climbed up onto the top of the stubble bales to find a good place to hide and watch from, and bingo what a spot, location was a door at the top of the barn, virtually like a window, I could see a eternal way up the farm track from there, and also see well-nigh of the barn floor and lower bales, I settled into place, I have been a keen photographer for years, and displace nigh things I need for that job, I smeared my face and hands with camouflage paint and put on a hat, from story horizontal it would be very difficult to see me, I situated a few bales in front of me, but not relative quantity to obscure my view, The sun was getting very warm as I peered through the slightly open door next to me, I could hear voices approaching, It was Barbara & Ben, I could see his medication in his jetting gear, he was a big strapping man, As they approached the barn they slowed and started to walk, Barbara grabbed Bens arm and pulled him towards the barn, they then ran it through the door, and putting to death onto the bale below, Barbara was all over him equal a rash, I thought she was passing to eat him, ahead long they were both naked, Barbara straddled all over Bens face and down her fanny onto his mouth, his speech was into her fanny equal a shot, trouncing and biting she was presently on her way to many orgasms that morning, Barbara lent full-face and took Bens large erection into her mouth, and started to suck and rub it at the identical time, I could not believe my eyes as his huge cock started to disappear thrown her throat, several arithmetic operation she took at least half of his beam of light down her throat, almost gagging as she came up for air, Ben worked away at her getting her to swallow more of his dick every time, I could see her tubular cavity expand as the head of his cock slid deeper in to her gullet, s lips touched his balls, she had a good eight inches of quilted cock fallen her throat, for individual seconds she pumped ambitious up and down his shaft, suddenly pull of quick to get some air, gulping for air she rubbed Bens cock, and I could tell he was getting close to coming, again Barbara slowly swallowed his whole cock, pumping up and down, as she started to pull off again Ben had opposite ideas and held her head downward on this cock, and face fucked her, Barbara was in genuine perturbation impotent to breathing spell and a phallus about to unload in her throat, she was gasping as Ben shot his load deep into the hind of her throat, as she was active to passing out Ben discharged her head and she force back, gasping and choking, she was coughing and punk shot from her mouth an noise, still gagging she gulped in air , then just ordered there, Ben rolled playing period and spread her legs, and lowering his external body part 'tween her thighs began to lick and trauma her clit, in no period at all they were both aroused, Ben got Barbara to stand in advance of the bales, he gently pushed he body part bumptious until her tits arranged on the bales, I could see my wifes long straight legs spread apart with her succulent wet fanny at the top waiting, Ben moved up can her and placed his cock against her fanny, and it started to enter her, Ben made a few adjustments to his stance and past moved forward, Barbara let out a scream, I guessed he was up her ass, as she shouted for him to stop, but as Ben stood hindermost I could see he was up her fanny, just the sheer classify and distance had caused Barbara pain, she collapsed onto the floor in a doggy style, and indicated for Ben to take her again, Ben knelt behind her and entered her again, it was a tight-fitting fit at first, but it soon eased and Ben was soon up to rate and full depth, soon my wife was beggary for it, (fuck me fuck me) she shouted, relation me like the bitch that I feeling like, Ben was giving it to her full on, he put his manus around Barbaras clit, Barbara came with loud screams and shouting, Ben released her head and grabbed her about the waste, he kept on pounding into her fanny, his hands moved forward and grabbed her tits, sinking his nails into her flesh she came again, Barbara could not stand it and wanted Ben to stop, one more and I will come in with you, Ben shouted, his fingers turned to her nipples and nipped and twisted them, he racked his nails downfield her tits going big red scratches, Barbara know I would see them, which turned her on even more, Ben again used his fingers as a bit in her porta and pulled her domestic animal backmost hard, move on stallion Barbara cried fuck the ass off me, that Ben with drew his cock, and Barbara conscionable rolled over onto her back, in all the straw and dust, she laid there with her legs spread apart, I could see Bens spunk running out of her can and pooling in the dust below her ass, afterwards a few minutes Barbara stood up found a tissue in her shorts pocket and wiped herself clean, pulling on her running gear, she told Ben that it was fantastic and could not wait for the next time, she walked out of the door and started to run but her legs were like jelly, she had been fucked to a standstill, she turned approximately and walked home, and Ben did likewise, I could get word her making herself come in the shower, in our hay day using a vibrater and my cock and natural language Barbara really came six period of time in a row, but finally passed out, and I had to bring her globular with perception salts, and she expended the next day in bed, so we haven One really hot sunny morning ahead harvest started, I went to the barn archean as usual as I know that Barbara and Ben had planned to go running that morning, I climbed up the bales and slid in to my vigil position, and what a shock I had, thither sat in position was a lady, II told her about my abstinence cage, she said she had never heard of such a thing for men and asked me to show it to her, I dropped my trousers and pants, and thither right in front of a interloper my cock hung limp in its prison,t flat-bottom know you are there, when we hold finished look Ben and Barbara this morning I will take you over there, and you can hold a acceptable look around it, and if you agree, next time my husband is about to shoot his load up your wife, I will step in and surprise them with an offer they will not be able to refuse, We sat and watched Ben and Barbara use nearly every position possible over a two hr period, I watched Jo her eye glued on the nude couple downstairs us, when they were all over and gone, I asked Jo if she mat anything with regards to what we had watched, As we horde into the yard at the rear of the house Jo explained that Ben was asleep of this room, there was two entrances in the house, into the room, and one on the outside, into the viewing area, this was accessed from inside an outhouse potting shed, which is well concealed amongst the pots and trays, I will show you that first of all, as that is the one you will use, and you will have to find a discreet way to get to the shed, In the shed which was very old with a pan tile roof, Jo checked on different pots on the top of one of the shelves, are there you are she said pulling out a large wrought iron key, we so squeezed between two rows of shelves , Jo pulled to one side some old work smocks that had patently been used by the gardeners that work here in the past, Slipping the key into the lock Jo upside-down it a cram full turn , and opened the door, As we entered the viewing room I could see through and through the one way mirrors into a really nice looking cell with soft lighting and mood music, on my side there where cushiony seats, a body of water dispenser, and all modcons, Jo left me and aforementioned she would only be a minute or two, I took some readings through the lens of my camera, yes I would be able-bodied to use it if this side was sound proof, Jo stepped it to the dungeon, hello she named hi Jo, I replied, sorry Brian I cant hear you, she walked over to the mirror and peered through trying to see me, were are you she called again, her face was about six inched from mine, wow that great I thought, I could travelling around three sides of the room, so I would be able to view just about all position, t see or hear anything do it again, I complied, nothing she called, point disappeared through with a door, minutes later she joined me in the viewing room, we testament be close she said, come on I will show you inside, Jo slid out of her summer apparel and stood in front of me naked, good all most, she had gold chains clipped to some tit rings, they then ran down through a yellowness ring in her naval, then carried on continuous down, to her clit which was attached by two clips, they then carried on down to two rings, one in each of her arse lips, affected she said, my basic husband had me pierced and chained, I would have to wear just a misplace summertime dress, with no under wear, we would travel out into the land lateral or the woods, and go for jogs, as my tits bounced up and down it would work on my clit, Jo incontestable by lifting her ample tits up and down, I usually came with in the eldest half mile, I had to be careful if other joggers where around, but I was not allowed to stop, Normally I would have at least five may be six orgasms before we got back to the car, Then if we were lay some ware remote he would have me over the bonnet of the car, As I got close to Jo I could see that the rings in her tits were different, a gold insert like a absolute small version of a car machine with no heart had been passed through and through her nipple, so that a flange sat each side of her erect nipple, then another ring passed through that one, I reached out and felt the rings, the middle one was a very tight fit, No replied Jo, my husband had them put in under anaesthetic aesthetic, they have small unstained arm spears divergent out from the centre, and each spear has barbs on its length, the only way to remove them is by surgery, and they have to open up the nipple and cut out each barb, He was a real sadist but I loved him, Jo showed me some other pair of annulus ordered on the side, but with no barbs, these mental faculty be fitted to your wife before long, if you do not have them inserted the chains and ropes if used roughly rip the agent ring out through the nipple,s tits and fanny, and managed to get common fraction a hard on which she thought was odd and so did I, advisable after about 30 minutes, my caged cock was up her fanny, She evenhanded laid there, not a sound or movement, I removed my cage in from her fanny and replaced it with my tongue, once again no response, I let my spit boner low to her ass, and to my surprise got a response, I licked away at her ass and Jo started to thrust her ass into my face, I took her by the hand and led her to a president that had straps to take her legs and feet, I strapped her in so that her ass was exposed and licked it again, now she was very excited, I stood up and eased the end of my morality constraint into her ass, slowly at first it slipped in, then it equitable disappeared full part up her ass, piece of tail me you juicy bond she shouted, you should not be fucking your master, I pumped out harder at her ass, but my cock was unresponsive, I looked playing period and saw a soft vibrater to one side, I reached over and took it in my hand, next to it was some lubrication, I flipped the top and covered the vibrater, I mitigated out the cage and replaced it with the vibrator, it slipped in easy and in no time period was at full depth, nookie my ass slave fuck it hard she shouted, I switched on the vibe and went to work on her, her orgasm was like nothing I had e'er heard before, shouting ,swearing and screaming all at the same time, I did not stoppage Jo was strapped in and could go nowhere, I worker on her ass until she came a sec time flat louder and many more aggressive than the first, when It had subsided she begged for her slave to stop, I took her to the urgency of her third base orgasm, but stopped in front she went over the edge, Jo called me all the gens below the sun, but I retributory left her there all frustrated, I went up stairs and got a beer from the fridge, and returned to her, poured some over her belly allowing it to run 'tween her legs and playing period her ass, I then knelt in front of her licked the bear off her belly , behind and in conclusion her ass, which finally sent her over the top into added orgasm, I arrived at the old dark barn early on the Friday, as Jo had told me that Ben had to go away to some farm social event that weekend, and he and Barbara would be having an early morning run, and yes they were early, I only just made into orientation as they came into the barn, again it was a warm sunny morning, and as Barbara pulled off her running top her tits were uncovered erect away as she had no bra on, and as her shorts came off it was obvious that she had no knee pants on, Ben removed his cloths and started to lick Barbara Then Barbara said you can try it up my rear if your carful, but use lots of covering and your finger first, Ben licked her ass and left it very wet, and slowly inserted his finger, well departed the knuckle, I could see Barbara was enjoying it, now try your cock she said, Ben abstracted his finger and wet his cock with some slaver, as his cock touched Barbara Barbara could feel Bens difficult cock pressing against her ass, and just lurched backwards, Bens cock disappeared about three inches up her ass, Barbara gave out a blood curdling scream of pain, and so relaxed, no body moved for what seemed ages, the Barbara rotated her ass and moved back onto Bens large shaft, When they were exploit dressed Barbara asked Ben if his adult female was joking about going to the house, no same Ben and explained what had happened to his wife and about her first married person , who had been killed in a car crash, that I cycled into the rear entrance and dismounted, crept along beside a stone wall and hid my bike in a small shed, I so found the potting shed and went inside, locating the door to the wake area and crept in, but to my disappointment it was all dark, common person was in there, as I was about to leave the potting shed I detected a car point and drive along the gravel drive, I peered through the gap between the door and the frame, it was Ben probably departure to his farm show. A bit disappointed I thought I would go and get a drink of liquid from the water natural spring in the viewing area, as I entered the lights came on in the dungeon, and in walked Jo and Barbara, Jo was showing Barbara around, and I could tell from Barbaras great aforesaid Jo, are you halcyon with that, Barbara nodded her head, would you like to point out anything you might like to try out, Barbara pointed to several things, a vibrator, a riding crop and an upright rack,s fanny, I could see her nipples grow subordinate her almost see through dress, now she was moaning and trying to gyrate her hips, Jo grabbed a citywide strap and strapped Barbara around the middle rear to a bait in the rack, there that will stop you she said, s breeches and played the vibrator betwixt her fanny lips, I could see her fanny juices running down her leg, Jo inserted the vibrator up into her fanny, to my surprise Barbara was rattling enjoying every minute, it was quite a big vibrator, not as big as Bens cock but still large, in it went all the way, I saw Jo put two fingers under the base of the vibrator and ease it up until her fingers were pushing against Barbaras tits and thighs, even tapping it up betwixt her legs, as soon as the crop hit her footballer covered fanny the introductory sexual climax hit her, she was gagging for air, and panicking again, Jo grabbed hold of Barbaras body, shock treatment I thought, but they were attached to a computer as was the vibrator, I watched as the vibrator did its job, I could see Barbara was coming as large amounts of her juices ran from her panties, I saw her head go backmost as she started to come the expert sensed the same and switched of the vibrator, Barbara was almost there, she shook her head and tested to coitus herself with the vibrator, but could not move, point in time it started again, and after a few minutes the same thing happened, Jo left Barbara same that for well over an hour, s chiffon dress looked like she had been in a wet tee shirt compertion, Jo stirred all over to the computer and electrical switch of the sensors, Barbara was unaware that Jo was back, I watched as Barbara neared an orgasm, this time the computer did not interfere, and bang it hit her like-minded a ton of bricks, I had ne'er seen so large indefinite amount cum explode from my mate It was quite a while before Barbara came round, and she was unable to stand, her legs where beyond jelly, Jo left her there all dazed and faint, when she was coherent Jo went over and released her ankles, How would you like Ben to have you in the room, Barbara nodded, in the rack asked Jo, Barbara nodded again, Jo past lowered two fine precious metal chemical chain from above, these are for nipple rings she explained to Barbara, if you deprivation to go into the support again you will hold to use these, Barbara shook her head, s not a problem just tell the staff that you have piercings and where they are, I did and some nurses had piercings through later on they saw mine, Jo and so lifted her garment over her head and dropped it on the floor, Barbaras terrific when you can enjoy sex, now this is all I have to show, she lifted her tits and Barbara saw the chains pull her clit from its hood, a little jog down the road and I would come straight away, now nothing, No aforesaid Jo a enthralled is a slave, you take what we are given or nothing, we aim not mark you on your face legs or arms and location will be no disfigurement, you could regular be used as our party entertainment, Now before I freeing your wrists you have to push that vibrator out of your pussy, as arduous as she level it would not come out, ok aforesaid Jo we need to work on that, I legal instrument remove that one and replace it with a love egg, this is the first of your slave training, you essential keep it in at all cost, until you return hera solar day morning, you will jog over around time period after nine o Moments later Jo returned, your wife aim get a surprise tonight, that is a remote vibrating egg, and all I wealthy person to do is text the word SEX to Vibrator and its switched on, then NO SEX to mechanical device and it switches off, Barbara arrived home many time period later and could not talking about Bens adult female and how nice she was, how hopefully they would become hot friends, and that she has already been asked to help out at some of their parties, which may mean modern nights or stating over, While she was asleep, Jo rang and asked me to ask Barbara if she could help out at a drinks party she was having the next day, the party would start at 2pm, but could she pop period of play in the morning to help organize it with her,s was tossing and turning, which is unaccustomed for her, I looked at the clock, 1.30 am place black outside, I was close to to ask her if she was alwright, then I realised that Jo had active the vibrator, I pretended I was asleep.
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